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4PL & Shipping and Logistics

Ships operations

Oil and Gas Services

Export and Import

Mining & Metallurgy

Port Development & operations

Transport Life Cycle and Business Consultancy

Training, Skill Development and Research

Our Services and Business

Africa is our focus and our Partners have very strong global presence

Shipping & Logistics services

Freight Forwarding, Chartering, Clearing & Forwarding, Vessel Agency, Bulk Handling Vessel Operations, Consolidation Warehousing, CFS / ICD Project Cargoes, Door-to-door logistics, Claims & Legal, NVOCC and Air Cargo movement.

Ships operations

Vessel operations and management, Fleet technical and commercial management, Dry-docking of vessels, vessel fixtures and chartering of vessels, marine surveys, sale and purchase of vessels, building and inspections of vessels, maritime Insurance and claims.

Export and Import

Steam Coal, Ferro Manganese, Coking Coal Ferro Vanadium, Metallurgical Coke Ferro Titanium, Manganese Ore Ferro Chrome, Chrome Ore & Concentrate Ferro Moly, Molybdenum, Cement (in Bags), Aluminium Scrap and Petroleum Coke, used mining equipment, cement, semiprecious stones, other products and soft commodities.

Port development and operations

Design, development and operations of ports and terminals. Managment of vessels’ traffic in the ports. Provision of harbour Pilotage and harbour tugs services. Provision of emergency towage and salvage services. Business process re-engineering and outsourcing in the port. Implementation of Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems for the port. Development of various other port plans and systems (ballast water, waste management etc.) to ensure statutory and policy compliance for the port. Optimisation of port business processes. Port contingency and emergency services. Risk assessment in the ports.

Infrastructure Projects development

Development of marine and civil infrastructure.


Mining and ore beneficiation in South Africa
  • Company provides numerous services in mining sector, from rights application, to operation, to geological services.
  • Support in setting up of mining operation and project management in relation to same.

Oil and Gas

Company has been engaged in upstream oil businesses in addition to LNG trading, transportation and infrastructure development, and Power Plant development.

Consultancy in Transport life cycle and Maritime spectrum. Training and skill Development

We provide consulting services covering Transport life cycle and value chain.

We provide consulting services in Maritime Safety and Environmental pollution.

We provide management consulting services.

We have expertise in value chain analysis of business using Log frame methodology and we assist businesses in optimising its cost and performance to create right level of value for its clients.

We have dedicated training and skills development division covering training and skill development in Transport and Maritime sector. We are a TETA accredited Training service provider.

Our Services Model

Our Business Consulting Services


National and regional transportation master planning, involving all transportation modes. Global supply chain projects for public administration (enhancement of trades and strategy to foster competitiveness). Logistics parks (market assessment, feasibility, development strategy, design and implementation). Supply chain management (design of the supply chains, distribution networks, logistics facilities, etc.


Single window for maritime expertise including maritime risk assessment, contingency planning, maritime Strategic planning and Legal review in maritime clusters.


Owner level advisory related to business planning, transaction analysis, fund raising, due diligence both at legal & Accounting level. We are also into high end financial & data analytic training related to financial modeling, project finance, business valuation, and merger & acquisition Modeling.

Supply Chain and Maritime Sectors

Plans and Policies

  • Maritime Transport and Logistics
  • Port Projects
  • Finance and Privatization

Business Development, Improvement and Marketing

  • Investments and Acquisitions
  • Business development
  • Strategic Management tools, Including Value Chain Analysis
  • Performance management and Balance-Scorecards
  • Market research and Service Marketing
  • Traffic development strategies
  • Financial Modeling
  • Business Diagnostics, Intelligence & Improvement

Planning Operations and Service design

  • Port operations
  • Operations support
  • Information systems
  • Master Plans
  • Design
  • Port Traffic Improvement

Maritime Expertise

  • Marine and Shipping Sector development
  • Freight Corridors Optimization
  • Coastal Navigational Risk Assessment
  • Marine Strategies